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Four amber essential oil bottles with messages printed on them including "grow someything" and "good things take time".

100% Pure Essential Oils 

For created spaces

To help you feel soothed /

comforted / inspired / uplifted


kintsugi heart

A very special new blend inspired by the philosophy of kintsugi. 

The beauty of the delicate, muted floral Rose Geranium. The strength and subtle sweetness of Cedarwood Atlas. The bright and joyful optimism of Lemon. The soothing and meditative grounding of Frankincense.  

Read about the philosophy behind kintsugi heart...

Frankincense and Cedarwood Atlas bundle

frank and cedar - cropped.jpg


Calm and Breathe bundle 



Calm, Uplift, Mood bundle 



Essential Oil Bundles 

Ground 3.jpg


Ground combines top notes of Lemon and Spearmint, middle notes of Fennel Sweet and Rosemary and deeper notes of Clary Sage and Vetiver - to help you feel calm, grounded and at home.

Read about the DesignFreo collaboration behind Ground...

Precious essential oil dilutions
3% in jojoba 


The Second Salon x KURA STUDIO: A GOOD LIFE Essential Oil Blend




Where The Second Salon got its name from. 

Whenever anyone asks where The Second Salon got its name from, they get a long answer. 

But I'm conscious I've never explained this more broadly. 

The premise of this business is and always has been to support people to lead their best lives. To give mindful, intuitive people who were aware how their surroundings affected them one more way to create nurturing spaces for themselves. 

In a self-care of sorts. While being conscious of the way this phrase is oftentimes used out of context. 

There are things we can do that will generally make us feel better. Going for a massage, getting a facial, going to a workshop. While beneficial, these things take time to plan, attend, and can be expensive. 

Second is the next option. 

You could call it the 'next best' option. Or you could call it the best option. 

So - how can people be empowered to take care of themselves? By creating a space where they can recharge. Or soothe themselves. Or energize themselves. 

Salon means room. 

 Read on for more about The Second Salon... 


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