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Welcome to The Second Salon

Essential Oils for created spaces. 

​Carefully extracted from a range of natural plant sources - leaves, bark, flowers, fruit, wood, resin, roots and buds - essential oils bring us back to nature and allow us to keep it close.

Essential oils are powerful. They can soothe and uplift, inspire and comfort.

They can help us create spaces of intention.

Essential oils are amazing gifts of nature - to be treasured and used mindfully.​

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Where The Second Salon got its name from. 

Whenever anyone asks where The Second Salon got its name from, they get a long answer.

But I’m conscious I’ve never explained this more broadly. And I realise it’s not a name that immediately explains itself. 

This business has always been about giving beautiful humans a cushion. A comfort. A safe place to land. Supporting people to create soft and calming spaces of their own.

It’s a self-care of sorts. While being conscious of the way this phrase is oftentimes used out of context.

I used to use the phrase “self-care” a lot more than I do now. I suppose I feel like it gets thrown around with little regard for the nuance that a conversation about self-care requires.

The self-care I talk about is clearly the surface level stuff. I hope that saying that doesn’t diminish its importance. What I’m trying to do is acknowledge life and its structures can be complex and difficult, and obviously there’s no way diffusing some essenti
al oils will have an impact on some of the big things.

But - there are self-care-like things we can do that will generally make us feel better. Going for a massage, getting a facial, going to a workshop. While beneficial, these things take time to plan, attend, and can be expensive.

Second is the next option.

Creating your own spaces is more accessible. Spaces that are already yours, that are ready when you are.

Salon means room.

What's important for The Second Salon

100% Pure Essential Oils

Essential oils are amazing gifts of nature.


I bring them to you, provide essential oil education and facilitate sensible conversations. But I didn't create them - we can thank mother nature for that. Please treasure them and use them mindfully.​

The Second Salon essential oils are 100% pure. I have built and maintain a strong supply chain which results in securing essential oils of an industry-recognised high standard. Each of The Second Salon's suppliers has been chosen based on their industry reputation, trading history and quality systems.

Self care 

I hold you in the highest regard, and hope that you do too.


And my hope is that The Second Salon's essential oils and related products will help and inspire you to create your own self care rituals.

Essential oils won't solve big problems and they're definitely not a cure-all. But they are a wonderful way to access nature and its miracles, and can support you in your self care practices.  

Created  spaces 

The Second Salon essential oils have been developed with the spaces they create in mind; spaces intended to nurture, comfort, sooth, inspire or energise. 


Design and aesthetics are important to me. Good design shows consideration and respect to The Second Salon's products and customers. I think beautiful packaging is essential for beautiful products. 


My intention is to operate as a conscientious business. What this means to me is having a positive impact on everyone who comes into contact with me; suppliers, distributors, collaborators, and of course you. 

Where do The Second Salon's essential oils come from? 

I know that the essential oil market can be complex and that it's frustrating to navigate confusing and sometimes conflicting messages about essential oil quality and grading systems. Just quietly, this frustrates me too, and I know it also frustrates respected industry peers.  

You will never hear me use made up or misleading words or phrases to imply my essential oils are a certain grade, knowing very well such grading systems don't exist. But rest assured,    

I have built and maintain a strong supply chain which results in securing essential oils of an industry-recognised high standard. Each of The Second Salon's suppliers has been chosen based on their industry reputation, trading history and quality systems, along with their ability to provide technical information and support. 


"You won't believe it - I literally only just tried your bath soak today as a foot bath... Heaven! So comforting. I love."


"I love Deep Comfort - it's perfect. The smell, the quantities or ingredients. Perfect. Would definitely buy again."

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About me 

I'm Katie, the founder of The Second Salon.


I've always been conscious of the fact that how we spend our days is how we spend our lives – be that consciously or otherwise. Mindful of the pitfalls of an unexamined life, I'm interested in why we do what we do, and how staying mindful of such things can help us to create a good life for ourselves and those around us.

I launched The Second Salon in 2016, after years in planning and a lifetime in my dreams. It was always my intention for The Second Salon to be a way to facilitate an informed and intelligent conversation about essential oils. What I hadn't planned for - and what came as a wonderful surprise - was the collaborations I would take part in. These have included working with remarkable businesses including Stackwood, DesignFreo and the Fremantle Arts Centre, Paper Bird Bookstore and Arts Centre and Kura Studio.

I have also recently worked on my first wedding - where I created a bespoke aroma for the couple which was diffused at the ceremony and reception, and which was also gifted to wedding guests to take home. 

Running this business fills me with joy and I'm immensely grateful for everyone who has supported The Second Salon. My hope is that everyone who comes into contact with The Second Salon leaves feeling just a little bit better; more hopeful, more optimistic, more supported. 

My warmest wishes,

Katie Leenen 

This is me, talking about essential oils (what else?!). 

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The Second Salon acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of country throughout Australia and acknowledge their continuing connection to land, waters and community.


Respects are paid to the people, the cultures and the elders past, present and emerging.

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