Welcome to

The Second Salon

We're an essential oil company. We also see ourselves as a self care company. 


Our guiding principle is to contribute more to the world than we take. For us, this means producing the purist quality 100% essential oil, along with complementary products to help you incorporate essential oils into the daily rituals of your life. When you mindfully diffuse an essential oil blend, or take 20 minutes out of your day to have a restorative bath, and then feel amazing, we've done our job.  


Our products are made using only natural ingredients. 100% essential oils, all natural Epsom Salt and pure plant oils. No synthetic or petroleum based products or artificial colours or fragrances are ever used. We don't test on animals.   


Welcome to your Second Salon. We are privileged to join you on your self care journey. ​

At The Second Salon essential oils are at the heart of everything we do. 

Our business is based around five pillars.


Our essential oils are 100% pure. We are committed to maintaining a strong supply chain which results in securing and maintaining essential oils of an industry-recognised high standard. Each of our suppliers has been chosen based on their industry reputation, trading history and quality systems.


We hold you in the highest regard, and hope that you do too. Our wish is that our essential oils and related products will help and inspire you to create your own self care rituals.


Our essential oils have been developed with the spaces they create in mind; spaces intended to nurture you, be they calm, cosy or energising. 


Design and aesthetics are important to us. Good design shows consideration and respect to our products and customers. We think beautiful packaging is essential for beautiful products. 


We operate as a conscientious business. This means having a positive impact on everyone who comes into contact with us; our suppliers, distributors, collaborators, and you, our beautiful customer.


"You won't believe it - I literally only just tried your bath soak today as a foot bath... Heaven! So comforting. I love."


"I love Deep Comfort - it's perfect. The smell, the quantities or ingredients. Perfect. Would definitely buy again."

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