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What is a good life?

I was reminded about this beloved blend’s ability to uplift and comfort and make everything feel good the other day when I got this message:

“I so love A good life. Smells amazing.”

A good life was made for a collaboration with the beautiful humans Serena and Annika from Kura Studio. The blend is a delicate balance of Lemon, Grapefruit White, Petitgrain, Rosemary, Cypress and Clary Sage essential oils. I'll talk about the blend a bit more further down.

But first, I want to touch on the background of this project and the premise behind the blend.

The three of us had met to discuss the collaboration - what we wanted to do and why we were doing it. At the time we were all sitting in Serena's warm and welcoming home, surrounded by beautiful pieces of Kura Studio artworks, drinking tea and eating cakes.

Life was good.

And it had its challenges.

And that was kind of the point.

A good life was about acknowledging that of course we all have our own sets of challenges when travelling our own paths. And bearing witness to some of the world's broader challenges added to this. It would be remiss to ignore this fact.

But this project was about how we could make sure we valued and appreciated finding happiness in an honest and balanced life. In the tea and cakes. The warm sun on a cool day. A beautiful vase of flowers on your dining table. Being lucky (and courageous) enough to lead creative lives. We wanted to simply make sure we noticed and celebrated when life was good. We decided to call this realistic gratitude; an active observation and acknowledgement of the gifts we do have. Here's to living a good life. Honouring our needs. Slowing down. Drinking tea. Being creative. Enjoying beautiful things. Being in nature. Getting to do what you love.

A good life - the blend

So onto the blend we decided to call A good life.

It opens with Lemon as a top note (the top notes always open the show). Bright, delicate, citrusy, refreshing. Lemon is uplifting, joyful and energising. It lifts the blend and fills it with optimism. It's paired with another bright citrus - Grapefruit. Fresh, uplifting and inspiring. Then Petitgrain, oh Petitgrain - woody and floral and citrusy, all at once! Incredibly hopeful and comforting. Rosemary then comes in. Strong, fresh and camphoraceous. Clearing and cleansing. Cypress - woody and fresh. It slows the mind and calms the body. And finally, Clary Sage. Floral-sweet and herbaceous. Restorative and balancing.

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