object | space | place 

So we did something we've never done before. Last November we partnered with DesignFreo and created a custom blend to transform the space of the Object | Space | Place exhibition. 

We also bottled it. Our new Ground blend combined top notes of Lemon, Spearmint, middle notes of Fennel Sweet, Rosemary and deeper notes of Clary Sage and Vetiver. 

DF_blend 7.jpg

Top note

Summer, lemon trees all over Fremantle, bright/happy/optimistic

Top/middle note

A hardy, perennial herb, yet soft and gentle, uplifting 

Middle note

Rosemary lines the streets; it’s ubiquitous in Fremantle, strong, energising 

Middle note

Fennel plants in Fremantle, energising, releasing creativity

Middle/base note

Grounding, earthy. 
Complements the space

Base note/fixative

Grounding, realistic, comforting. 
Complements the space; design, materials 

Sharp, citrus, refreshing; lifts the blend

Herbaceous and minty, 
softer than peppermint 

Fresh, strong, vibrant, herbaceous 

Spicy, warm, comforting, energising

Clary Sage
Earthy, muted floral

Earthy, woody,

incredibly grounding


The anatomy of a blend.