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kintsugi heart

The beauty of the delicate, muted floral Rose Geranium. The strength and subtle sweetness of Cedarwood Atlas. The bright and joyful optimism of Lemon. The soothing and meditative grounding of Frankincense.  

A special blend of comfort, beauty, strength and optimism. 


Rose Geranium

(Pelargonium roseum)

Smells like roses - with a hint of green and slightly muted. Feels gentle, comforting and reassuring. Makes the space its being diffused in feel very special. 

(Citrus limon)

Smells fresh and citrusy. Feels bright, happy, energetic, optimistic and refreshing. Offers comfort and hope. 

Cedarwood Atlas

(Cedrus atlantica)

A gentle camphoraceous top note and sweet woody-balsamic undertone. Feels warm and grounding. Like the majestic cedarwood tree, the essential oil brings with it a strengthening and stabilising presence.


(Boswellia carterii)

Smells earthy, woody and spicy-sweet - with a clean and fresh feeling. Feels soothing and meditative. Fills the space with tranquillity.

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