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An evergreen tree with serrated leaves, fragrant flowers and stunning yellow fruit. The essential oil is produced through cold expression or steam distillation of the peel or zest. 

Smells citrusy and refreshing


Feels uplifting, joyful and energising 


A woody shrub with beautiful violet flowers. The oil is steam distilled using the flowering tops and leaves of the lavender plant.

Smells fresh, floral sweet and herbaceous

Feels incredibly calming


A small tree with lots of leaves and white/pale pink flowers. When the bark is cut a natural resin is released, which solidifies into Frankincense resin. The oil is steam distilled from the resin. 

Smells clean, fresh, earthy, woody, spicy-sweet

Feels soothing and meditative. Stills the mind and creates feelings of tranquillity


A tall grass with an incredibly complex root system, from which the essential oil is steam distilled.


Smells earthy, woody, smoky and a little bit sweet


Feels earthy, woody,
incredibly grounding

PB 3 .jpg

The story behind the blend

**Background on the motivation to develop a custom scent from Paperbird (Holly). 


The story of the development process for the blend (Katie).**


Below is how Kura and I wrote about our collaboration. 

 So the three of us sat down to discuss what we wanted this collaboration to represent. We kept coming back to what it feels like when finding happiness in a honest and balanced life.

At the time we were all sitting in Serena's warm and welcoming home, surrounded by beautiful pieces of Kura art, drinking tea and eating cakes.

Life was good.

Of course we all have our own sets of challenges when travelling our own paths, perhaps bearing witness to some of the world's broader challenges. It would be remiss to ignore this fact.

But what we wanted to do was to simply celebrate when life is good.

We called this realistic gratitude; an active observation and acknowledgement of the gifts we do have.

Here's to living a good life. Honouring your needs. Slowing down. Drinking tea. Being creative. Enjoying beautiful things. Being in nature. Getting to do what you love.

Katie, Serena, Anika x


Paper Bird is a beautiful specialist children’s bookstore in Fremantle’s West End, bringing together all kinds of creatives and wonderful books, as well as exciting programs and events for kids.

This dedicated kids story house has rapidly evolved around the specialist children’s bookshop with writers, story tellers & illustrators on hand, workshops, kids book clubs, book launches, and discussion panels make for a dynamic children’s cultural hub.

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