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Essential oils are powerful. They can soothe and uplift, inspire and comfort.

They can help us create spaces of intention.

Here are some ways The Second Salon can support in creating spaces using aroma. 

Venues and events



Creating wedding spaces 

Create wedding spaces with scent and add another dimension to your wedding day with a bespoke aroma made just for you.

Your special scent can be diffused at your ceremony and reception - a solution for diffusion can be developed based on your  venues. 

Custom wedding gifts 

Our sense of smell plays such an important part in not only creating happy memories, but in remembering them. 

Knowing this, we can also create custom gifts that guests can take home and use in their own diffusers. A custom-made gift was made for every guest - a vial of the bespoke blend with an accompanying thank you message from Emma and Joe.


Pre-wedding parties 

Celebrate your upcoming day with an essential oil blending workshop with your nearest and dearest. We can develop a  format  to suit you. 




Aroma can transform spaces. Elicit feelings. Complement the work.  

DesignFreo's Object | Space | Place was The Second Salon's first foray into creating aroma for an exhibition. Object |Space | Place looked at Fremantle through the lens of design and drew attention to how design shapes our experiences as individuals and as a community. The exhibition explored our relationship to designed objects, spaces and places. 

The Second Salon created a bespoke aroma which was diffused in the main gallery space of the Fremantle Arts Centre every day for the two month duration of the  exhibition. 

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Blending workshops 

Essential oils are such amazing gifts of nature and we are so lucky to be able to interact with them the way we do.


Essential oils are powerful. They can uplift, relax, create feelings of joy, happiness and calm. Essential oils make people feel good. And they facilitate self-care practices. Essential oils also help us create and transform spaces.  

In a workshop you'll be introduced to the profiles of 10 of the most versatile essential oils. You'll learn about their individual profiles, which essential oils and botanical families blend well together, and how to create a balanced blend.
You'll leave this class with three blends of your own making - and the  knowledge of how to create your own blends into the future.

Commissions and collaborations


Th Second Salon has worked with remarkable businesses including Stackwood, DesignFreo and the Fremantle Arts Centre, Paper Bird Bookstore and Arts Centre and Kura Studio.

Nothing makes me light up more than collaborating with beautiful humans and amazing businesses. If this is you and you would like to discuss a commission or collaboration please reach out. 


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Hospitality venues 

Serious question - how does the bathroom in your venue make your guests feel?

I’ve always been aware of how it makes you feel when you come across a bathroom in a venue that isn’t the best. But what I’m more interested in is how it makes you feel when you come across a bathroom that is the best room in the place.

You know the ones – they’ve really been considered. You walk in, they smell amazing, and it immediately lifts your impression of the place.

The Second Salon can help with a custom or blend from the range, and advice on a diffusion method. 

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About me 

I'm Katie, the founder of The Second Salon.


I've always been conscious of the fact that how we spend our days is how we spend our lives – be that consciously or otherwise. Mindful of the pitfalls of an unexamined life, I'm interested in why we do what we do, and how staying mindful of such things can help us to create a good life for ourselves and those around us.

I launched The Second Salon in 2016, after years in planning and a lifetime in my dreams. It was always my intention for The Second Salon to be a way to facilitate an informed and intelligent conversation about essential oils. What I hadn't planned for - and what came as a wonderful surprise - was the collaborations I would take part in. These have included working with remarkable businesses including Stackwood, DesignFreo and the Fremantle Arts Centre, Paper Bird Bookstore and Arts Centre and Kura Studio.

I have also recently worked on my first wedding - where I created a bespoke aroma for the couple which was diffused at the ceremony and reception, and which was also gifted to wedding guests to take home. 

Running this business fills me with joy and I'm immensely grateful for everyone who has supported The Second Salon. My hope is that everyone who comes into contact with The Second Salon leaves feeling just a little bit better; more hopeful, more optimistic, more supported. 

My warmest wishes,

Katie Leenen 

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